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Example 1
public void handleHttpRequest(HttpRequest request, HttpResponse response, HttpControl control) throws Exception {
        if (!response.containsHeader(HttpHeaders.Names.DATE)) {
            response.header(HttpHeaders.Names.DATE, new Date());
Example 2
private void removeResponseBody(BaseMessage msg, MappingHttpResponse httpResponse) {
    // Populate all the common fields. These fields normally get populated in the outbound stage of the parent handler but get skipped in this case
    // due to an empty message body
    httpResponse.setHeader(HttpHeaders.Names.DATE, DateFormatter.dateToHeaderFormattedString(new Date()));
    httpResponse.setHeader(HttpHeaders.Names.CONTENT_LENGTH, String.valueOf(0));
    if (msg.getCorrelationId() != null) {
      httpResponse.setHeader(ObjectStorageProperties.AMZ_REQUEST_ID, msg.getCorrelationId());
    // Null the message body to remove it